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The Building Blocks of Automation

Entering the Pneumatics field in 1939, Mead Fluid Dynamics has over 75 years of experience in the fluid power market. Mead has long been a leader in the development of the pneumatic components that shape our industry today, from pneumatic actuators to air presses.

Market Strengths

Mead’s traditional strength has been in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic components for the industrial automation market, including pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders and pneumatic actuators. Applications for our extensive valve and cylinder lines cover a broad spectrum of modern industry.

Recent developments, notably the award-winning Isonic® valve technology, have propelled Mead into new, more specialized markets, including medical design, HVAC, process control, instrumentation and fast food.

Mead Firsts

  • First air clamp
  • First all-pneumatic built-in end-of-stroke cylinder sensor
  • First air switch
  • First totally non-lubricated cylinder
  • First totally integrated all-pneumatic anti-tiedown control
  • First cylinders with hard-coated aluminum tubing
  • First snap-acting 4-way air valve
  • First valve to utilize multi-patented Isonic® half-shell technology

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Anti-Tiedown "Touch" Control Systems

  • Two-hand anti-tiedown controls provide safer operation
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V2 Series Solenoid Valves

  • Direct acting, solenoid-operated valves
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