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Since Pisco’s establishment over three decades ago, they have been committed to developing the most technologically advanced pneumatics equipment. Pisco is an industry leader in innovative product development, with numerous worldwide patents for original, high-performing designs. Pisco has earned an ISO 9001 certification for Pisco’s pneumatic equipment manufacturing operations. This signifies that Pisco product design, development, production and maintenance are approved under the most scrutinizing inspections. Pisco is also ISO 14001 certified. To ensure satisfactory service and support their worldwide customer base, Pisco has established a worldwide network, with facilities in the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, as well as many other overseas operations.

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2 Stage Speed Controller

  • Shock Absorber is not required
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Quick-Fittings Standard Type

  • Quick-fitting joint for use in pneumatic piping
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Regulators & Filters Regulators

  • Built in quick-fitting joint
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Flow Control

Push-Lock type Flow Control Valve with Indicator

  • Reduces the task of initial flow settings
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Flow Sensor

Product Pressure sensor & switch

  • Flow management and suction lift verification of small work piece
  • Panel mount is possible
  • Dual display / 2 color indication feature
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