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Freelin-Wade Pneumatic Tubings

Freelin-Wade leads the industry with the highest quality pneumatic tubes on the market. At Air Inc., we proudly offer an extensive selection of Freelin-Wade tubes including polyurethane tubes (both inch and metric), polyethylene tubes (both inch and metric), Nylon tubes (inch and metric), High-pressure tubes, flexible PVC tubes, reinforced flexible PVC tubes, FEP tubes, and MCR tubes.

Key Benefits

  • Polyurethane tubing provides excellent flexibility and resists the kinds of damage that can lead to dangerous leaks. Excellent rub resistance and is kink-resistant.
  • Polyethylene tubing is known for its environmental stress crack resistance, puncture resistance and is impermeable to gasses and moisture.
  • Nylon tubing can withstand higher temperatures, pressures and is corrosion resistant. Heat and UV stabilization makes it resistant to stress-cracking and is resistant to many chemicals, it will not swell or become brittle.
  • PVC (Vinyl) tubing resists chemicals, oxidation, contamination and is chemically compatible with most gases, fuels, oils and low-grade acids. Securely grips barbed fittings and is translucent for easy monitoring of fluid flow.
  • FEP tubing is ideal for food contact applications, chemically inert to most industrial chemicals and solvents, has high thermal stability and superior electrical insulation properties.

If you aren’t sure which type of pneumatic tube will best suit the unique requirements of your application, the experts at Air Inc. will be happy to help. Contact us today to get started.