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Resolution Air, Ltd. is a quality focused company with a passion for innovating products which satisfy demanding customer requirements in an agile and responsive manner. Resolution Air, Ltd provides control valve solutions engineered with a focus on quality, robust design, and high-resolution proportional control. Their goal is to always surpass your expectations.

Miniature Proportional Pinch Valves

The MPPV series design physically separates the valve from corrosive or high purity process fluids, while providing the incremental flow control offered in a conventional proportional valve. The MPPV pinches a fluid filled, pressurized, low durometer tube to regulate the flow of the liquid or gas flowing through the tube. The design incorporates a stepper linear actuator and custom piston, which provide precision proportional control functioning in the valve. In addition, due to the actuator’s locking lead screw, power is required to change position only.

MPPV Advantages

The accuracy, separation, and flow of the MPPV is unprecedented. Until now, the only comparably similar valves have been manually operated or extremely large, bulky, and expensive. The Resolution Air Miniature Proportional Pinch Valve eliminates all of those issues, and is available in a variety of size configurations to meet a wide range of needs. The MPPV is ideally suited for use in portable and handheld equipment designed for analytical and diagnostic processes.


  • No physical contact with process fluid
  • High resolution flow control
  • Durable construction
  • Tested performance
  • High repeatability
  • Low power consumption
  • Fail in place design
  • No leakage
  • Long performance life
  • Cost efficiency
  • Light weight, low profile design
  • Superior corrosion resistance


  • Chemical Mixing/Dispensing
  • Dosage System
  • Lab Analysis
  • Clinical or Chemical Analysis
  • Blood Handling/Analysis
  • Vending Machines
Resolution Air Motor Drives

Hybrid Proportional Pinch Valve Series

These valves combine the precise fluid metering abilities of a proportional valve with the sanitary fluid separation characteristics of a pinch valve. This larger valve series utilizes a robust and powerful linear actuator capable of generating 50 lbs. of pinch force ideal for higher pressure systems and tube sizes up to 1.00″ O.D.

A primary benefit of proportional pinch valves is automating the metering process of liquids and gases in open and closed loop control systems. In addition, Resolution Air, Ltd valves are also being utilized in applications requiring simple ON/OFF control because they generate significantly higher pinch forces (12x) compared to a traditional solenoid pinch valve. As a result, our valves are quickly replacing traditional low force solenoid pinch valves in many markets including medical device and life sciences, where precise sanitary fluid metering is critical to the application.

Resolution Air HPPV

DRV-1 – Step Motor Drive

  • Great for Resolution Air, Ltd.’s MPPV-Series valve applications requiring basic step and direction control
  • Sinking, Sourcing, and Differential control system compatibility
  • Microstepping(16 settings)
  • Current rating: 0.283 Amps to 2.12 Amps(RMS)
  • Voltage rating: 12-40 VDC
  • Digital Input Signals: 5-24 VDC
  • Integrated microstep emulation and noise filtering
Resolution Air Pinch Valve