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Directional control solenoid valves from Norgren provide high flow rate and extensive manual override options. Manifold system with easy assembly and low power consumption. Maintenance-free.

# SELECT Item #Item NameSeriesVoltagePrice
1V61R517A-A312JB5/2 Single Solenoid Spring ReturnV6112VDC$107.41
2V61R517A-A313JB5/2 Single Solenoid Spring ReturnV6124VDC$98.10
3V61R511A-A313JB5/2 Double SolenoidV6124VDC$125.30
4V61R511A-A318JB5/2 Double SolenoidV61120VAC$125.30
5K71EA00KV2KV22W23/2 Solenoid Spool ValveNugget 20024VDC$220.70
6K81DA00KV0KV05/3 Solenoid Spool ValveNugget 200120VAC$318.20