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Meter-out control: In the JSC series (elbow) the flow rate of air entering from the thread side is not controlled, whereas air entering from the tube side (exhaust) can be controlled. In the JSU (inline) series the flow control can be plumbed to control air entering or exhausting. This allows smooth adjustable cylinder stroke control.
Pressure Range: 10-150 psi
Operating Temperature: 32-140 F

Pneumatic Fitting JSC (Elbow)
Flow Speed Control Tube JSU (Inline)
# SELECT Item #Tube ODThreadTypePrice
2JSC-1/4-N2AU1/4"1/4" NPTElbow$9.13
3JSC-1/4-U10AU1/4"10-32 UNFElbow$7.25
4JSC-3/8-N2AU3/8"1/2" NPTElbow$11.03
5JSMU-1/41/4"Small Union Straight$8.65
6JSMU-3/83/8"Small Union Straight$12.47
7JNMU-1/41/4"Union Straight$6.11
8JNMU-5/321/4"Union Straight$4.16
9RVUM-1/4X1/41/4"Gauge Union Regulator$45.80