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# SELECT Item #Item NameBarb SizePrice
1B1-O10-32 Male Thread To Tube with O-Ring SealTubing I.D.=1/16", Hole Thru=0.055$0.83
2B110-32 Male Thread To TubeTubing I.D.=1/16", Hole Thru=0.055$0.62
3B210-32 Male Thread To TubeTubing I.D.=0.078" (2mm), Hole Thru=0.059$0.62
4B410-32 Male Thread To TubeTubing I.D.=0.170", Hole Thru=0.125$0.62
510-32-PLUG10-32 PLUG$0.89
61/8B31/8 Male Thread to TubeTubing I.D.=1/8", Hole Thru=0.089$1.29
71/8B41/8 Male Thread to TubeTubing I.D.=0.170", Hole Thru=0.125$1.37
81/8LB41/8 NPT to Tube ElbowTubing I.D.=0.170", Hole Thru=0.125$2.07
91/8LT41/8 NPT to Tube L-TeeTubing I.D.=0.170", Hole Thru=0.125$2.87
101/8FB41/8 Female Thread to TubeTubing I.D.=0.170", Hole Thru=0.125$1.77
1110LB410-32 Male to Tube TeeTubing I.D.=0.170", Hole Thru=0.125$2.05
121/4B41/4 Male Thread to TubeTubing I.D.=0.170", Hole Thru=0.125$1.73