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Compact Design
Filter removes liquids and solid particles down to 5 um
Push to lock adjusting knob is standard
Micro fog lubricator provides air line lubrication to air driven tools or other devices
The most popular models are listed below
Please allow 4 week leadtime for models listed as not in stock

SELECT Item #Item NameFilter ElementOperating Pressure (p.s.i.)Operating Temperature (deg F.)Port Size (Inch)Shipping Height (Inch)Price
PTH-100-A1AAFilter/Regulator-Lubricator Combination Units51500 to 1251/84$364.81
BL82-251AFilter/Regulators Lubricator, 40um54 to 246-4 to 1493/84$247.42
BL84-451AFilter/Regulators Lubricator, 40um54 to 246-4 to 1491/24$400.00